Château Citran

Château Citran, A soil

Château Citran, A soil Château Citran, A soil Château Citran, A soil

A sustainable agriculture

At Citran, we pay a particular attention to vineyard observation. A great renovation programme has been conducted for several years, have enabled some of the parcels to benefit from a better amount of sunshine by means of rows reorientation . The vineyard, more than 100ha wide, comprises two large parcels : one around the Château, and the other, a little further up, surrounds the village.
Major plantation works have been conducted.

A reasonable maintenance

Each plot benefits from a specific treatment appropriate for its environment. Some are grown the traditional way: the soil is worked on mechanically and the phytosanitary treatments are standard. Others are covered with sowed vegetation every to spaces between rows, so as to improve the soil's layout. Eventually, one third of the vineyard is organically grown.

A respect for the vineyard

We adapt our working techniques to the environmental constraints, and not the other way round. At Citran, works in the vineyards are conducted in close collaboration with our winemakers. They are endowed with ancestral knowledge, but they also keep themselves up to date with the latest innovations in viticulture.
They work all year round. They are “our hands”.