Name : Château Citran
Classification : Cru Bourgeois
Controlled Appellation of Origin : Haut-Médoc
Vineyard area : 90 hectares
Soils : sandy gravel on marl and chalky clay
Varietals : 58% Cabernet Sauvignon, 42 % Merlot
age of the vines : 25 years old
Portes greffes : 101-14, 3309, Riparia Gloire
Cultivation : traditional method (ploughing, clearing soil from around young vines to ease pruning)
Harvest : done by hand
Vinification, maturing and ageing
- Vinification in stainless steel vat temperature control by thermal pipe
- Length of vating around three weeks
- Traditional ageing of 12 months in oak barrels (40% new oak barrels each years)
- Fining in barrel with white of the egg
Name of the second wine : Moulins de Citran
Bottling : at the château